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Life in Chains

Okay. So, apparently, I can be overly dramatic sometimes.  In case it’s not obvious, the chains to which the title of this post refer aren’t real.  (Psst. It’s called a metaphor.)  And yet, they do tend to bind and restrain just the … Continue reading

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Elk stuns zookeepers . . .

The headline reads “Elk Stuns Idaho zookeepers.” The massive beast did this by saving a tiny marmot from drowning. Stuns? Really? Some people seem to think the idea of an animal reaching out to help another animal, especially one of a … Continue reading

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Hello world!

That’s right. I’m starting a brand new blog. I will use this blog to give shout-outs to other writers, post brief reviews of poetry I come across online, and comment generally on other things that go on around this oh-so-strange … Continue reading

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