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So bad Even Introverts are Here

Since November, I have struggled to wrap my head around the results of the presidential election, as have numerous others, with very little success.  It all seems so surreal and frightening. I have experienced many sour moods and flashes of depression … Continue reading

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Limp Bizkit was awesome!

Believe it if you choose, or don’t.  Good, clean fun is good, clean fun. Check it out: “Tenacious Limp Bizkit Fans Shut Down Dayton Sunoco!”

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Life in Chains

Okay. So, apparently, I can be overly dramatic sometimes.  In case it’s not obvious, the chains to which the title of this post refer aren’t real.  (Psst. It’s called a metaphor.)  And yet, they do tend to bind and restrain just the … Continue reading

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Conrad’s Corner on WYSO

Conrad Balliet reads a poem for his radio program Conrad’s Corner on 91.3 FM WYSO every Monday to Friday at 7:59 p.m. and another on Saturdays at 2:20 p.m. He keeps in contact with many poets in the Dayton, Ohio area, and often includes their … Continue reading

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Shout-out to Elizabeth

My friend, and fellow Wright Library Poet, Elizabeth Schmidt, won 2nd place in the 2012 Judson Jerome Poetry Contest and a scholarship to attend Antioch Writers’ Workshop this year. Congratulations, Elizabeth! She is scheduled to have her poem, “Acknowledgment,” read on Conrad’s … Continue reading

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Jill, the biker chick

So . . . Jill comes home the other day and says she wants to start riding her bicycle to school. Apparently, she read an article in Sinclair Community College’s student newspaper, The Clarion, about a couple of Sinclair professors, Kathleen … Continue reading

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Sweet Wilbur

I thought I was done with crusades. Seriously, I’ve done my share of crusading, often involving lost causes . . . or causes that were just plain thankless. I don’t know whether it’s the recent loss of our four-year-old bundle … Continue reading

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