Elk stuns zookeepers . . .

The headline reads “Elk Stuns Idaho zookeepers.” The massive beast did this by saving a tiny marmot from drowning. Stuns? Really?

Some people seem to think the idea of an animal reaching out to help another animal, especially one of a different species, is pretty amazing. I disagree completely.

Examples of animal-to-animal kindness abound. From a dog nursing piglets in a communist country to a dog rescuing a bag of kittens abandoned on a freeway, and many other selfless acts in between, animals show compassion for their fellow creatures all the time. Us humans could stand to follow these examples.

There is absolutely no reason why we should not be able to treat other people, even those people who are different than us, with kindness. If it’s good enough for our four-legged friends, it should be good enough for us.

I am proud to be an animal . . . and I hope to always behave like one.


About eric v blanchard

Eric Blanchard was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He considered dropping out of high school but, instead, became a litigation attorney. He has also spent time as a teacher. His poetry has been published in a variety of literary journals and reviews, both online and in hard copy. His poem "The Meeting Ran Long" was nominated by Literary Orphans for Sundress Publications’ 2013 "Best of the Net" anthology. After living and writing in Ohio for several years, Eric recently returned to Texas.
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2 Responses to Elk stuns zookeepers . . .

  1. creekwaterwoman says:

    Eric, you nailed this one. We humans do not give four legged animals full credit in most cases. I believe, that four legged animals feel, sense, see, and know so much more than most of us grasp.

  2. Eric, I believe there was a book written a few years back entitled, “When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals” — I too think you’ve nailed this one, and I’m proud to be an animal too!!
    Linda Elliott

    PS: I am enjoying your poetry very much. Are you on Facebook?

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