The passing of Whale Sound … and beyond

I was a late-comer to the audio poetry journal Whale Sound, having only been introduced to it mere months before it closed. Nevertheless, I was immediately drawn to the strong, yet gentle, and almost haunting voice of the editor and primary reader, Nic Sebastian.

For those who never had a chance to follow Whale Sound on a regular basis, I would recommend taking time to listen to the “Top 20 Whale Sound posts.” Standing alone, it is a wonderful collection of poems, and it is a perfect review of what was an amazing project.

Of course, we need not mourn the passing of this very special journal. Thankfully, Ms. Sebastian, and her distinct voice, continues to be an online presence. She has a new project and home for her love of poetry. While Whale Sound was dedicated to contemporary poets and new poems, pizzicato of hosanna focuses her voice on the poetry of deceased poets. She recites these poems wonderfully in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

In addition, Ms. Sebastian continues her poetry blog, Very Like A Whale, where she has been experimenting with and posting video and visual renditions of poetry. (One thing I especially love about Nic’s audio and visual presentations is that she provides links to the poems’ text. I get so much more from the presentation when I can see the poem’s form and read along.)

The world of online poetry has much to be thankful for . . . starting with Nic Sebastian.


About eric v blanchard

Eric Blanchard was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He considered dropping out of high school but, instead, became a litigation attorney. He has also spent time as a teacher. His poetry has been published in a variety of literary journals and reviews, both online and in hard copy. His poem "The Meeting Ran Long" was nominated by Literary Orphans for Sundress Publications’ 2013 "Best of the Net" anthology. After living and writing in Ohio for several years, Eric recently returned to Texas.
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